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The International BTHVN Wien Music Competition is a world leading online music competition. The competition is held once every year. The competition is open to musicians, music students and music lovers of any nationality and age from all over the world. The contest is divided into musical categories such as piano, strings, wind, vocal and chamber music. Each instrument will be judged in groups based on the age of the contestants.

The BTHVN Wien is divided into first and final rounds (total of two rounds). Participants must submit video material for the first application. The final selection of winners is based on the video material submitted in the contest by the candidates. Multiple winners will be selected for each age group.

The BTHVN Wien aims to foster the development of young and professional musicians in the field of musical learning and performance. We believe that the competition will bring benefits to the contestants and their teachers, and also provide them with an international platform to showcase their talents and help them build confidence and even realise their dreams. Our goal is to find music artists and music teachers with outstanding personalities and award prizes to help them develop international careers.

The Gala Concert will take place in Vienna in December 2024.

We firmly believe that, in addition to rigorous training and natural talent, through the contest we will also find performers with a strong artistic personality and stage presence.

The purpose of the BTHVN Wien is to find talented musical performers who have reached a professional level and help them to be part of the international scene.

Competition Schedule:

  • First Round Application Deadline: August 31st, 2024
  • Finalist Announcement Date: September 7th, 2024
  • Final Round Application Deadline: September 15th, 2024
  • Final Results & Rewards Announcement Date: October 20th, 2024